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From Mike DeAngelis, There Once Was A Note: "Dolph Chaney’s acoustic guitar-driven “Christmas” looks for light in the shadows of a season that runs the full spectrum of emotions…“the pitter-patter of little defeats”…after repeatedly asking “Can it be Christmas” as scenes of past and present float by, the answer arrives…“Well, it is, said a voice, with nobody attached…” The doubt and disillusionment melt away as the true meaning of the season reveals itself. It’s a beautifully honest and emotional track that takes a non-traditional route to the heart of it all."


BIG STIR SINGLES: THE FOURTH WAVE including "It's OK" and "I Am The B-Side":

From Mike DeAngelis, There Once Was A Note: "Dolph Chaney (It’s OK, I Am The B Side)“It’s OK” is a ballad with a psychedelic freak-out midsection…“If you see me walking down the street, tell me it’s OK…” It’s brilliantly arranged, as the psychedelia persists through the second half of the song. “I Am The B Side” is a fun take on the concept of the B Side being unceremoniously assigned a minor and/or forgotten role…just like some people. Wonderful use of a metaphor as something more universal. “I’m the B Side of your favorite single…you never listen to me…”"


From Kevin Burke, The Big Takeover: "This is essential for a number of reasons-firstly, the twenty-five tracks are an eclectic mix which I’ll get to shortly. Secondly $5 from every compact disc and download purchase goes to the Ed Asner Family Center who work tirelessly providing help to children, adults and families struggling with issues around mental health and cognitive disability. Thirdly, it is a display of kindness in an industry which at times seems devoid of any compassion towards artists or society in general. This is remarkable, well worth checking out, and one of those rare occasions when everyone benefits.
Now, for the music, this is not a stocking filler, this is simply all killer. Personally it is like a memorable dive into some of my favourite power-pop tracks of the last few months.  There is plenty of experimentation on offer with the eighties-styled Dolph Chaney who crowns passionately in front of a wall of melody.
Variety, Prowess and pleasure equates to a compact disc wedged in a car stereo for the coming months. My hope is that albums such as these are sent out to up-and-coming garage bands as a guide on how to execute power-pop-rock perfectly. Big Stir Records: The Fourth Wave is the gift which will keep giving (joy) long after the season of goodwill ends."


IT'S OK -- Big Stir Digital Single -- August 23, 2019 -- ORDER NOW!!


IT'S OK single cover 


Released on August 23rd 2019, Dolph is proud to present the IT'S OK single, as a summertime pre-taste of the REBUILDING PERMIT album to follow in the fall.  Making this extra special, the release is part of the Big Stir Digital Singles series from venerable Burbank melodic-rock / power-pop institution Big Stir Records (helmed by Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko, a.k.a. the core of The Armoires).


The single includes two of Dolph's best and brightest songs: the newly-minty-breathed title track, plus "I Am The B-Side," the (ahem) B-side, which may be familiar to those who knew him when... When?  1995, from his days in Houston as one-third of hopefuls Port Radium.  


Joining in are a different drummer per side: Clayton Melocik on "It's OK," and Jim LeFager on the flip.  The mix is provided by engineer Milk Arnold, who put in long hours and high data transfer levels collaborating on the sound with Dolph between their respective Arizona and Illinois home bases.


One smacker (American) will get you the download, and you'll be glad you did!


Meanwhile -- please enjoy a little video series on "The Making Of 'It's OK' by Dolph Chaney" -- for your sausage-making-viewing needs!



COMING 2020 -- new album REBUILDING PERMIT -- watch this space!



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