Queen For A Day

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Dolph Chaney


"Queen For A Day" started with the idea behind the 3rd verse.  Having grown up in an environment that was, shall we say, less than friendly to gay folks, I now find myself blessed with GLBT friends as well as straight ones.  And, coming from whence I have, and eager to please as I am, I sometimes find myself feeling like I could understand my queer friends' perspective better somehow.  As with so many things, I occasionally go to the point of overcompensation, which is not actually what anyone wants out of me.  If they're friends of mine, they want to be friends with ME, being natural -- just as I want them to be themselves. 

Naturally, as I wrote this, I then began overthinking about my overthinking.  Would this sentiment be offensive to my friends somehow? 

But I worked the idea over by writing the first 2 verses about HRM QEII and the authors of "Radio Ga Ga", then eventually I pulled my head out and finished the 3rd out by transitioning it to a tribute to the queen of my castle.  (Aw.)

Perhaps an awful lot of fuss for a breezy little 2-minute wonder -- but I like how it turned out.

-- 21 February 2007
-- 5 February 2009


Queen For A Day

I'd like to be the Queen for a day
though I might have to shave
raise my scepter and wave
send Camilla and Chuck away

But I know that's a farce --
I'm a regular arsehole Yank
I'm not even from Queens
and I haven't got beans
in the mattress or stocks or bank.

I'd like to be in Queen for a day.
With Taylor, Deacon & May,
I'd get together and play
and firmly free the bad compa-nay...

But I know that's a laugh --
I've got half of the chops I'd need,
I'm no showman to boot,
and my chestless catsuit
would make all the front row's eyes bleed.

I'd like to be a queen for a day --
not to lay with some guys,
just to see through your eyes
and be a better Friend O' Gay.

But I'd never succeed
'cause the one that I need's my wife
and I don't need a band
or a royally-waved hand
'cause it wouldn't rule like my life...

My baby's the queen of my day.

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