So Where Were The Spiders?

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Dolph Chaney


Here's me trying to laugh through my anxiety attacks.  Most of my immediate family has dealt with anxiety disorders; I've fought them since I was 13.  At the most anxious periods in my life, I have experienced hallucinations, many involving spiders.  This is not hypnogogic / hypnopompic, which occur during sleep or awakening -- this was during regular daily activities.  

During a particularly tough stretch in 2002-2003, I was rather frequently hallucinating that the people around me were turning into person-sized spiders, wearing clothes, often driving oncoming cars.  One day after such an episode, Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" came up on shuffle play, and after David sang the line that became this song's title, I laughed.  A lot.  For several minutes.  Where WEREN'T the spiders?  So I started writing a list of where the spiders were.

I wrote the chorus/turnaround in '09 to finish it.




In my chair

In my hair

I see spiders everywhere

On my door-

Knobs and floor

I freak out like a crackwhore


Dancing jigs

Even as they write “Some Pig”


I don’t like the way

They trap their prey

In the webs of lies they say

‘Cause it reminds me of you…


In my place

In my face

On some album art by Space

Drunk in bars

Driving cars

(that’s how they got here from Mars)

In my dreams

Sewing seams

Plotting deaths and graves and schemes


I don’t like the way

They wrap their prey

In the webs of lies they say

‘Cause it reminds me of you…


At the mall

On my wall

Crawling up towards my left ball

On my toe

In my fro

Right by my office window

In my veal

As I squeal

Who cares if they are not real?


I don’t like the way

They poison their prey

With the venomous lies they say

‘Cause it reminds me of you…

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