Water From A Bourbon Glass

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Dolph Chaney


This song came quickly and in a single piece, as if straight from the hangover of Athena.  For those of you that don't like puns, here are some puns... with booze!  


Water From a Bourbon Glass

Over, hung over
Well, I'm over whether I was hung last night
The case is packed
She may be stacked, but stocks have sunk
Over, hung over
but the doggy hair might hold me til tonight
and so I think
it's time the drink & I got drunk

it all floats up from my disturbin' past
I'm drinking water from a bourbon glass

Water, need water --
well, I need it 'cause of all the rot last night
as glass gets stains,
the memory wanes, the wax is mess
Memory, sweet memory,
I watch you wash away and wash away last night
Kentucky fried
burn to one side, burn nonetheless

no southern comforts for my urban ass
I'm drinking water from a bourbon glass

Jim and Basil, and Old Weller
give four roses to this feller
Elijah, Evan, Ezra, Elmer, Sam
Another plan that I may botch
but something no one else can scotch
so trace the buffalo, who gives a damn?

Water, sweet water --
well, it's sweet because of what I had last night
The wheat was high
Some jokes were wry but most were corn
Water, sweet water --
comfort me after the way I got last night
I found the note
that's all she wrote, a death reborn

but there's one last thing that I've gotta ask:
was that her bourbon in my water glass?

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