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Dolph Chaney


In 2006, I started writing a song in tribute to XTC, my favorite band. Since it's 20 years ago now since I first heard them (thanks to the video for "The Mayor Of Simpleton"), I completed the song in February. I'd made an acquaintance who knows the band members, so he passed it along with a note of thanks for all their great music. Much to my delighted shock, a message from Andy Partridge was conveyed back: "Hooray for him and not the worst song I've heard by a long chalk. Thank him from me."


When the bottlecap goes 'pop!' the mayor's simply fun and real by reel the millions say "that is the way it's done" If this is pop then it's the fizziest I've ever heard And I can't stop Till I have memorized each genius word Base callin' Moulding Partridge a-crowing Gregsy in Terry Chambers we Barry Almost anarchy Hidden harmony This is XTC making plans for Nigel as through Nihilon he goes 1000 umbrellas held high to stop the rain of blows though chalkhills, children, ants and scarecrows all delight my earth, merely loving makes this poor skeleton feel his worth Mummers skylarking no wasp star parking orange apple venus which rhymes with pink thing Lacking lethargy in ornithology This is XTC Wish I could see you in the flesh, "Snowman" playing, but keeping your soul is your success So home keep staying Bass callin' Moulding Partridge a-crowing Gregsy in Terry Chambers we Barry sexy liberty holds the smart monkey This is XTC

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