Hippo Gnu Ear

This has been a great year at Studio Dolphty! It was my first two-album year ever, with GUMSHOE KOALA completed in March and HIPPO HOLLANDAISE finished about two weeks ago. Both projects were lots of fun, and I'm really enjoying my new space in the 'burbs. I also had the pleasure of playing a gig in a bar. I know, that sounds completely pedestrian -- I am a musician, and that is what they do. But... not me, so often, so far. June 3rd was a really fun night at the Horseshoe. Perhaps I can begin to work up to playing out at least annually? Dare to dream. I feel a good energy about where my creativity is going for 2009. I walk a thin line between feeling reverent about it and flat out scared; right now, I'm leaning reverent and at times even stumbling over beyond that into the really fun irreverent creative space. I am, after all, internationally renowned as a goofball. I'm really grateful for your encouragement and good wishes. May your year be filled with joy and expansion.

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